Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

There are many different coatings on the market all claiming to offer unbeatable protection that will last for ever. The real truth of the matter is that coatings will help to protect your paint from dirt and atmospheric fallout, the higher the quality product the better the performance will be. This is dependent on the specific ingredients and its concentration.

At Scudo Forte we offer Cartec’s Ceramic Guard – SiCarbon+ Coating. This is a professional grade product that is cured with Infrared heat treatment. The heating of the coating ensures that when the car leaves the premises the coating is full hardened. Other available products are still curing with the very fine lay degrading over this period.

As it’s a professional grade the concentration of the product is very high making the installation of the product a tricky procedure (best left to the professional). If the product is not levelled at the correct time imperfections will be seen. With this concentration it’s guaranteed to leave a uniform depth of protection over the complete surface protecting your paint to its maximum ability.

Ceramic Coating – How does it do this?

Ceramic Guard is a new breakthrough in the field of nano-ceramic coating using SiCarbon technology. With this revolutionary product it is now possible to apply a very smooth, high-gloss and durable protective coating to the car paint, almost like an extra clear top coat of paint. Ceramic Guard strengthens and increases the hardness of the original lacquer, which greatly improves scratch resistance and fragility.

The paint will become visibly deeper in shine and colour, combined with an “easy to clean” surface and a strong water repellent layer, we all love that beading of water look.

Once a vehicle has been treated with Cartec Ceramic Guard, insects will no longer stick to the surface. The paint will be protected from road grime, salt, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals, acid rain and everything that would normally reduce the gloss and brilliance of the paint work.
Based in the Netherlands Cartec have been manufacturing and developing professional cutting edge products for more than 30 years, so you can be assured that Ceramic Guard has the pedigree to perform at the highest level.

Ceramic Guard

Ceramic Guard is one of our most popular services and is a new breakthrough in the field of nano-ceramic coatings using Si-Carbon technology.

This revolutionary service will produce a very smooth, high-gloss and durable protective coating, like an extra clear topcoat to your bodywork. This will strengthen and increases the hardness of the original lacquer, and greatly reduce future scratches.

Some Key benefits of Ceramic coating are:

  • Visibly deeper in shine
  • Anti-Scratch properties
  • Produces a hydrophobic seal that repels moisture and dirt from the bodywork which makes in turn makes it easier to maintain and clean.
  • Paint is protected from Road Grime, Salt, UV radiation, Aggressive chemicals and Acid rain. All these things usually reduce the gloss and brilliance of paintwork.
  • Comes with a 3-year guarantee which is extended to a lifetime guarantee with an annual top up service.

Ceramic coating is the perfect way to keep your car bodywork looking and feeling better than new.

We first perform a “Single Stage Enhancement” which is included in this service to ensure the paintwork is in perfect condition prior to the application of the coating.

Price from: £500 incl. vat


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