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Scudo Forte Pricing Structure


New Car Detail

This signature service ensures that from day one your car is ready for the road with the best possible protection. New Car Preparation is often overlooked.

You expect new cars to be delivered and presented with the utmost care, boasting flawless paintwork and perfect in every way (with nothing to hide).  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case as storage conditions, transportation and unskilled PDI preparation at the dealerships can lead to a whole array of defects and problem areas that need addressing. Fine scratches, surface marring, machine holograms, bird lime catching, metallic fallout to name a few.

Our New Car Detail Takes 1-2 days and comprises of the industries’ finest tools, chemicals, and coatings, providing protection for your investment for years to come with unrivaled UV resistance, amazing gloss, and dirt repellents.

We first start with a full extensive safe wash, using pure water including a decontamination stage and a blow-dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips.

Single-stage machine polish to prepare the paint to enhance gloss and remove surface defects which include things such as marring and fine scratches.

Paintwork is then wiped over with an IPA solution.  This removes any polish residue and oils leaving the ideal base for the protective coating to bond to.

Wax/sealant coatings are then applied (Price dependent on coating choice).

  • Exterior trim dressed
  • Tyres dressed
  • Glass cleaned
  • Wheel faces coated
  • Interior fabric protection
  • Final inspection

Price from: £400 + vat

Optional extras:

  • Scotch guard fabric protectant and leather seats receiving a water-based sealant £50.00
  • Wheels taken off and barrels coated – £25 + vat per wheel 
  • Exterior windows coated – £50 + vat
  • Fabric roof protection – £50 + vat

Ceramic coating

Ceramic Guard is one of our most popular services and is a new breakthrough in the field of nano-ceramic coatings using Si-Carbon technology.

This revolutionary service will produce a very smooth, high-gloss and durable protective coating, like an extra clear topcoat to your bodywork. This will strengthen and increases the hardness of the original lacquer, and greatly reduce future scratches.

Some Key benefits of Ceramic coating are:

  • Visibly deeper in shine
  • Anti-Scratch properties
  • Produces a hydrophobic seal that repels moisture and dirt from the bodywork which makes in turn makes it easier to maintain and clean.
  • Paint is protected from Road Grime, Salt, UV radiation, Aggressive chemicals and Acid rain. All these things usually reduce the gloss and brilliance of paintwork.
  • Comes with a 3-year guarantee which is extended to a lifetime guarantee with an annual top up service.

Ceramic coating is the perfect way to keep your car bodywork looking and feeling better than new.

We first perform a “Single Stage Enhancement” which is included in this service to ensure the paintwork is in perfect condition prior to the application of the coating.

Price from: £450 + vat

Maintenance Valet

Perfect for maintaining your pride and joy and keeping it looking its best. 

  • Snow foam prewash
  • Pressure rinse 
  • Wheels cleaned using acid-free wheel cleaner (including inside rims)
  • Shampoo applied via snow foam lance
  • Intricate areas cleaned using ultra soft bristle brushes
  • Bodywork gently cleaned using a luxury wash mitt pressure rinse
  • Spray wax
  • Vehicle dried using warm air and deep pile microfibre drying towels
  • Exterior windows and tyres dressed
  • Interior hoovered
  • Dash and door cards wiped over with interior detailer
  • Interior windows

Price: £50 + vat

Full Valet

Our most popular service. Our full valet gives special attention to the exterior and interior. This valet is the ideal valet for people wanting to get their vehicle looking its best again. Could be for yourself, prior to selling or end of lease etc.

  • Door shuts, boot shut and fuel cap cleaned
  • Dash, door cards and all plastics trims cleaned and dressed
  • Seats, carpet and roof lining shampooed or leather cleaned and treated
  • Tar removal on body work and wheels
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Hand polish and standard wax

    This includes the same treatment as the maintenance valet with the extras of:

    Price from: £70 + vat

    Optional extras:

  • Hard wax: £30 + vat
  • Full decontamination: £60 + vat
  • Engine bay: £25 + vat

Scudo Signature Valet

Our signature valet is the same treatment as the standard full valet but with the extras of:

  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed
  • Body work chemical decontamination and hand clayed
  • Sealant and hard wax applied
  • Wheels waxed
  • Glass sealant

 Price from: £125 + vat

Convertible Roof Treatment

Fabric convertible roofs require cleaning and treating on an annual basis. This is to prevent the build-up of dirt and the growth of mildew, which causes staining and decreasing weather protection. Protects from sun damage which results in discoloration. Our roof treatment consists of a thorough cleaning process followed by a protective water beading coating. 

  • Roof cleaned with a dedicated cleaner and an array of specialist brushes
  • Roof dried using a direct heat source to make sure all water content is removed 
  • Two layers of protection applied for optimum results 
  • Left to cure for 24 hours or with infrared lamps

Standard clean and protective coating: £85 + vat 

Roof re-colouring: £150 + vat

Single Stage Enhancement

The entry level detailing treatment is suited to those whose vehicles have light paint defects and largely need a lift in terms of depth and gloss. The results will leave a better than new finish to the vehicle. Removing 70-80% of paintwork defects. We finish this service by treating the paintwork to a 12-month paintwork sealant and wax. Ceramic coatings also available upon request.

Price from: £250 + VAT

Two Stage Paint Enhancement

This involves the use of a slightly more abrasive polish than used in the single stage to remove any defects followed then by a second stage to refine the finish and leave a perfect finish. This process removes up to 90% of paintwork defects. We finish this service by treating the paintwork to a 12-month paintwork sealant and wax. Ceramic coatings also available upon request.

Price from: £350 + vat

Full Correction

The full paint correction is for cars with heavier defects like deep scratches, bird etchings, body shop buffer trails and sanding marks.

We will complete multiple stage machine polishing which will correct and refine the paint work. We will remove up to 90% of scratches and swirl marks in your clear coat leaving the vehicle with the best possible finish. Following this the paint work is treated to a 12-month paintwork sealant and wax or the option of ceramic coating.

Price POA

Terms and Conditions

All prices are based on average size vehicle. Additional premiums apply based on car size.

Prices assume no heavy soiling. All prices quoted are subject to inspection and additional premiums may be applied in the case of heavy soiling.

Scudo Forte reserve the right to reject a treatment or any upgraded treatment if the vehicle is either not as described or condition does not allow for this.

Please note commercial vehicles include exterior and cab. Please state if you wish to have the load area cleaned and need to be clear of any rubbish.

We can travel free of charge in the local area. Bookings in excess of 25 miles will incur a small fuel surcharge. Please note mobile work is extremely limited.

Bookings in excess of £100 will require a 10% deposit refundable up to 24 hours prior to booking unless of a valid reason.

All prices are subject to VAT 



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