Our studio has been designed specifically for PPF and detailing work.  We have dedicated sections for bathing (washing), pampering (detailing) and caressing (PPF installation).  We also have sections for template design and PPF cutting PLUS a gorgeous lounge area for you to kick back and take in the

“experience of seeing your car pampered under the spot lights”.

Enclosed is state-of-the-art equipment including the latest LED technology providing day light vision helping to achieve that seamless finish?  We operate the latest Graphtec FC9000-160 plotter which enables us to cut perfect patterns through our in house DAP software.  Where required we can offer a completely bespoke installation for that very special car, the unique one offs that need very special attention.

Unique to Scudo Forte we have designed a stunning photo shoot back drop allowing us to take stunning shots of your works of art.  As your pride and joy has just had the most lavished care and attention there will be no better time to take some photos to capture its full stunning beauty.  You are more than welcome to come down and take some for yourself or commission us to do it for you. 

“You never know you might like to be in the shot as well”



K3 Daedalus park
Daedalus Drive
Lee on Solent
PO13 9FX

Contact us:

Primary Number: 02393 233 978
Secondary Number: 07584 324 047