Your car is our only focus, enhancing it in every way, through meticulous detailing and execution of technique to produce stunning results every time. 

We only work with the ultimate car care products available keeping you safe in the knowledge that the gloss finish will be incredibly deep, protective, superior long lasting and safe for the application used.  Keeping our applications within the same product family also ensures compatibility and guaranteed results,
“leading to an awe-inspiring finish every time”.

Being perfectionists we restrict our intake to a very limited amount of cars, this allows us to focus 100% on each vehicle maximising its finish and safety.

At Scudo Forte, where possible we try hard not to remove headlights, bumpers and body trim, only doing so with the upmost care.  Making sure the application is as seamless as it can be without affecting the cars original fit and finish.  With this in mind we redesign the templates to wrap around edges keeping a seamless look as best as we can.  We believe an original and untampered car is the most desirable.  

“PPF is designed to protect the paintwork not damage the originality”.

“Hind sight is a wonderful thing”, to help us with this we design specific systems to control the environment within our studio, such as our uniforms have no unprotected metal fasteners and a Velcro belt to cover front buttons.  No watches or jewellery are allowed when working on the cars which all help to eliminate the risk of damaging the painted surface. 

“Perfection is our guarantee”.



K3 Daedalus park
Daedalus Drive
Lee on Solent
PO13 9FX

Contact us:

Primary Number: 02393 233 978
Secondary Number: 07584 324 047